twofold by GALTstudio
2009 Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Now, more than ever, the question “What does it mean to dwell in a city,” is of critical importance.

Once, with the advent of the modern age, cities were seen as unsanitary and unhealthy due to the large factories located within them. It were these, along with many other factors, that lead to the suburbs rise in popularity as a “clean,” “spacious,” and “safe” alternative to the “dirty,” “cramped” and “dangerous” urban center.

Now, with new awareness of the environment and social issues, the city provides a sustainable solution to suburban living and the culture it has come to represent. As people flock to city centers around the world, particularly those in developing nations, politicians, planners, architects and citizens need to evaluate how land is being developed and to what end, as this precious commodity becomes more scares and thus more expensive economically and socially. Rather than creating “iconic” buildings, that often just fulfill a few peoples’ agendas, investment should be made in “infrastructure” that enables people to dwell in the city and makes dwelling better. What should be strived for is a performance based urbanism and architecture that questions and responds to how our built environment operates in relation to its surroundings (ecological, economical and cultural environments, occupants and other constructed fields ie. cities) in an attempt to make our built environment more sustainable, environmentally, ecologically, socially and economically. twofold, at Liberty Village, is an investigation of these and other issues related to the city, at the scale of public space.
Completed October 2009
Scotiabank People's Choice Winner


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